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Raft wars 2

Raft wars 2 is an online arcade flash game which is being developed in 2013. This game revolves around two brothers the main character in this game is Simon who have find the treasure full of gold, when the pirates know about this treasure they get after these two brothers in order to stole the treasure. These two brothers in the raft wars 2 had to fight against the bad guys. The raft is consist between these two brother and they get the more company of other friends to defeat the enemies. Raft wars 2 is an awesome fun game which is being quit popular among the kids at school. This game had many other parts which are also are fun to play. In this game the main strategy is to defend the beach in the hands of the pirate’s the bad guys who are after the gold treasure and want to claim the beach area under their authority. According to the in 2014 raft wars 2 had been playing more than any flash game in the arena because of its highly demand and aggressive battle mode, not even the kids adults also like to play this game and this game is spreading into peak day by day.

Raft wars 2 unblocked

raft wars 2

You can easily download raft wars 2 unblocked by going unblocked games 66 if this game is pulled out by the school administration then you guys don’t need to get panic about this situation just download the proxy server and you will get your desire raft wars 2 unblocked game in few seconds in front of you to play and enjoy. There are many types of rafts or you can say multiple levels in this game. The first one is the standard raft which is being most commonly used raft in the game, only Simon and his fellow brother appear in this raft. You can upgrade this raft when you can earn 1500 credits in this level. The second raft is the raft of the dogs which is quiet much bigger than the standard raft in this raft you can have more weapons upgrade option which will be very much helpful for you while battling against the enemy. This game is the sequel to its first part which is also very interesting to play.

Raft wars 2 game

raft wars 2

In the raft wars 2 game when Simon and his brother found the treasure of gold and diamonds while playing in sand at the beach they became very happy when they find the treasure but the pirates also saw the treasure when these two brothers find it, Simon and his brother fight against the enemy and destroy their ship and the pirates ran away. After that these two brothers hid the treasure again in the beach and got away for the six months vacations when they came back while they were at the plane they saw that the beach which was nothing when they leaved was built into a water park and they got sad because they hide the treasure beneath this water park. The first level in this raft wars 2 game is to hit out the paint bucket when the guns after they hit the bucket which fall upon the security officer of the beach became angry and call the security trouble situation in the water park which was previously the beach.

Game play of the raft wars 2

The game play of this raft wars 2 is very simple, you can find any sort of help while playing the game. You can move the player with the help of arrow keys and mouse button, you can get many weapons in the game while playing at different situation according to the demand of the game. In the previous part of the game as you can see that you will have to battle against the pirates in order to have the treasure. Simon and his brother plays very important role in this game because all of the game is being revolve around them. As far as the game is progressing towards the next level the game become difficult to play, it is not difficult as you may think you just have to use the right strategy at the right time to be able to win the battles easily. There are 30 levels in this game which you would have to win them and make your treasure away from the enemies you are in your way. The last level is very much difficult from of its levels because you have to find certain clues in short period of the in order to check where you hide out your treasure, if you can’t find the treasure in the required period of time you will have to restart your progress from the middle level and you will lose half of your progress if you not pass the last level in required time. 

World wars 2 game

World wars 2 game is a shooting game through which you should have to battle against the different countries army in order to win the battle and claim the land. This world wars 2 game give you amazing graphics and controls are also very user friendly. At the beginning of the game you have to pick the army of your choice and after that you have to make the strategy and formation to battle against the enemy army. This game is very cool because it gives you the great time to spend out when you feel bore. You can have the map of different locations around the globe where you want to launch yours troops for fight. The best thing about this game is that you can play up to 8 players at the single time which is great fun. The dice will roll up in order to see the winner of the battles you just have to simply roll them in particular way in order to enhance the battle result of the game.

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