Oregon Trail Game

The Oregon Trail Game is a computer based game which is had been created by the Minnesota Educational in the year 1985. This Oregon Trail game is very much beneficial for the students in order to learn the basic 19th century realities of life. This game is the complete package for the people to live up the 19th century life again and can explore what it’s like to be living in that era. The Oregon Trail game will offer the user many different life situation goals to do in the daily life period of the day that what are the basic needs and how to for fill them in an order. The main theme of this Oregon Trail game is hunting by using different guns and bullets in order to survive different situation of lifestyle. There are also very wild animals which you have to kill in one shot because they are very much dangerous, you have to kill them in one direct shot. The hunting will help you preserve the food for a long period of time according to your need. There is a complete pack of people you will have to care about and you also have to be stand united in order to survive the seasons. There is also a course in the Oregon Trail game where your member of pack die from different diseases you have to take care of them by giving them the proper treatment, you will also have to make up the funeral when someone dies.  You will also have to work on the fields make food and feed it to your parties or pack. You will have to help each other in difficult time period. This game has very interactive graphics and sound which you can enjoy in this game very much.

Oregon Trail 2

The Oregon Trail 2 is the second version of the Oregon game series which is being developed in 1995. This 2nd version is launched after ten years of hard work because in that era without the proper tools and techniques it is difficult to design and build the proper game. But this game in that era is very much famous among the people and this Oregon Trail 2 game help people to understand the past perspectives of living lifestyles of people. This game had brilliant and amazing graphics rather than its previous version when was launched back in the late 1985 at that time there are not very good graphics you can have the player tendency in low criteria but we can say that it was quiet as big achievement of that that to educate the people of the 19th century heritage that how people live the living at that time under different situation. This Oregon Trail 2 game will help you to play this game in the towns and villages to, you can choose your desire of what situation you want to play in this game. This game is the great asset for the kids that want to check there past history and cultures that how people in the 19th century live that and what they can do without the proper basic needs of life. The second version of this game had 25 levels which you have to pass out all of them in order to play the golden era level which is full of many mystery and discoveries and you will enjoy them.

Oregon Trail unblocked

If this awesome game is blocked by your school authorities than you don’t need to have to be worried anymore because I will teach you to play this Oregon Trail unblocked game for free without any  subscription and charges. You just have to need a (VPN) server because it gives you the free access to play this Oregon Trail in unblocked form, this game plays very much important role in the educational prosper actives for the kids and as well as the adults to. There are many other version of this game which you can enjoy playing each version in different situation. I suggest you play all of the version of this game, this will help you develop and learn the culture of different packs. Go to the unlocked 66 games where you can find all the version of this game for completely free forever.

oregon trail game

Game play of the Oregon Trail game

The game play of the Oregon Trail game is very much simple, you can move yours player with the help of the arrows keys in the keyboard and the mouse is used to pick up the stuff and hunt the animals to obtain food and different assets which are essential. In the first level of the Oregon Trail game you just have to go to the map and click upon the desire location where you want to move out. Firstly you will have to hunt out different animals and to feed up then in the next level of the game you will have to grow up the farm which include basic necessities of life. This game revolve around the lifestyle of the united states in the 19th century where different immigrants came into USA and live out there life. This Oregon Trail game also help you to see and learn the cultures and lifestyles of different societies which is a great step that through this awesome game you can interact different situation by your own by playing. You can also sail out your boat through different seas and rivers and enjoy the hunting of the different sea animals and discover new lands and let people of your pack elaborate them by their own.  This is a simulation type of game which is quite good in doing whatever you want you to do in this game you can be a hunter, doctor, sailor and a farmer to in simple words you can choose your favorite character and develop your own pack and lead them to the glory by surviving in different harsh and easy situation.